Automation Approach for a Telecom Wireless Analyzer Product


The rapid transformation in telecommunications industry has resulted in rapid transformation of the ecosystem. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are working aggressively to either build new networks or enhance existing ones to support new technologies and growing end user demands.
As CSPs rush to deliver differentiated service offerings, they face numerous challenges in an effort to provide high quality and experience on the new service while ensuring that the existing offerings are not impacted.
Test automation is a key enabler for this requirement which can help minimize guess work and human error and at the same free up resources to focus on scenarios that require manual intervention.
Automation testing is defined as developing and executing tests that can run unattendent, comparing the actual to expected result.
Automated Testing is automating the manual testing process currently in use.


  • Automated Software Testing Saves Time and Money
  • Automated Software Testing Improves Accuracy
  • Automated Software Testing Increases Test Coverage

We have a practical example
Currently we have 109 test sets covering approx. 1500 test cases running approximately 60 hrs over
60 hrs that means 5 testers full 12 hrs implies saving in both time and cost.


  1. Decide what Test Cases to Automate
  2. Select the Right Automated Testing Tool
  3. Divide your Automated Testing Effort
  4. Create Good, Quality Test Data
  5. Know the Automation Framework
    • Data driven
    • Keyword driven
    • Hybrid driven

Wireless Analyzer Automation:
Analyzer testing is nothing but to test different recorded trace files of the network parameters of different interfaces and protocols.
Testing high-performance packet capture and complete multiple-technology (2G/3G/LTE) analysis and call tracing
Measure QoS parameters for specific applications
Analyze both the control and user plane applications and correlate data across the interfaces
Define, assess and monitor unique KPIs for all service types (voice, video, data, mobile)


We have covers automation for the below features

  • Call & Session and Correlation tests for different protocols e.g. LTE,IUB,GB,Abis,SIP,IMS,CSCore,A,IU
  • Detailed decoding verification for different protocols e.g. LTE,IUB,GB,Abis,SIP,IMS,CSCore,A,IU
  • Deciphering in LTE and IUB
  • IP Statistics KPI and different protocol flow verification
  • QoS Analysis test
  • SIP-RTP Correlation
  • Voice Play back

Analyzer automation tests are developed using

  • QTP with VBScript
  • WinRunner with TSL

Open source tool used

  • Sikuli
  • Putty

Management Tool

  • Quality Center
  • Test Director

Telecom Analyzer product we have automated

  • M5 Analyzer
  • TravelHawk
  • TravelHawkPro


  • Saves lot of Manual Test Execution time :
    One case study made :
    153 hr of Manual Test Execution can be achieved by 25 hr (15hr test execution+10hr report analysis) by Automation Test Execution .
  • Automation test bring better Coverage with Accuracy
    E.g. in Analyzer C&S application , each and every column value can be checked with accuracy and its not possible with manual testing
    Very much helpful in running C&S regression test.
  • Early Defect Detection
    At least Important functionality can be tested with daily build in overnight . This is not possible with manual testing
  • Regression verification during Hotfix Delivery
    Automation is really helpful to run regression test cases before hotfix delivery and saves lot of time .
  • Multiple test iteration during System Testing
    System release RC builds are done once in a week and includes several correction . Its impossible to identify impacted areas and test those .


Planning for a complete test automation framework for your Telecom Wireless Simulator or Analyzer product will need experience and perspectives learn from different tools, scripting languages, how they can be utilized to cost effectively develop automation test suites. At OdiTek, we have excellent knowledge cutting across products and programming languages. We will be happy to assist you plan your test automation development, drop us an email on

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