Blockchain In Energy Sector

Blockchain In Energy Sector

Blockchain technology has been stirring extreme emotions in world of technology and finance since last year. In the energy sector, blockchain applications are rapidly growing common. The blockchain ledger reduces the transaction costs, pinpoint origins of energy, and increase the efficiency of exchanges.

OdiTek Solutions has an aim to bring back the power to High Performance Computing (HPC) and Blockchain communities.

Services offerings
  • OdITek is planning to provide Mining as a Service (MaaS), HPC, Hosting services, and allow the Community to use tokens to purchase electricity and services on a decentralized basis.
  • Our power team has an expertise to increase the power plant effectiveness by bringing in the latest technology at low cost and to construct state of the art Data Centers and High Performance Computing Centers.
  • We will use our commodity trading experience to secure natural gas contracts at strategic discounts.
  • OdITek will conduct research and development on site to create synergistic hardware and software solutions to improve and support its core business.
  • We create the electricity trading platform powered by blockchain technology to buy and sell electricity from the community which will maximize efficiency and reduce cost.
  • Power and services are offered using STO (Security Token Offerings) to the community by the help of OdiTek.
Skills and matrix

OdiTek has gathered a group of highly talented and experienced individuals in 3 key areas: Power Production, Technology and Business Management.

Our team has great skillls in Management & Operations – managing private & public companies, operating multi-national businesses; Finance & Accounting – raising capital, deal structuring, M&A, forensic accounting, structured finance, compliance; Legal – corporate and securities law specialists; Power & Energy – engineering, commodity trading, utility management; Technology – developers, project managers, experts in blockchain.

OdiTek’s Seasoned team with a proven track record that delivers results, with an accomplished advisory board!

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