Challenges in leading a Startup company


Leading a startup company isn’t for everyone. To succeed you of course have to first have a billion dollar idea. However transforming an idea into actual success is only the tip of the iceberg.
The biggest challenge is that most of the time is lack of resources,budget to run a startup .Now a days Technology seems to be the industry of choice for many of today’s aspiring business owners. It’s a broad, fast-growing field that attracts investors and venture capitalists, and if you succeed, the payout potential is enormous.

Constant change – Rapid changes in technology it really difficult to match for the startup company.As many tech entrepreneurs know, there’s a lot of pressure to move quickly and beat the competition to a solution –

Being unable to reach your initial goal- Because technology changes so quickly, there’s a strong possibility that you may not be able to complete what you initially set out to do with your startup. Instead of accepting the failure of the business or changing directions, many startup founders simply let their operations lie stagnant.

Partnership decisions – As a new business, partnering with another company in a related field may seem like a great way to grow. But the stakes are much higher for tech startups, whose operations can easily be ruined by hitching their wagon to a passing fad.

Hiring employee – Employees can be a nerve-wracking experience for any startup, but tech startups often hire too many people before they’re really ready. Even if you have investor money behind you, stretching your resources too thin right away can quickly become a problem.

Cyber risks – While nearly all businesses rely on the Web to some extent, a restaurant or brick-and-mortar retail store isn’t going to have the same kind of cyber security risks as a startup whose operations are entirely online. In most cases, tech startups serve the B2B market, which means other companies are depending on yours to keep things running smoothly.

While tec startups may face steeper competition than startups in other industries do, as well as unique challenges, your level of dedication to your new business will ultimately determine your chances of success

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