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At a Glance

Medilink-Global, a publicly listed company in the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange, has operational presence and healthcare providers’ network in UK, China and all major South East Asian countries. It is principally involved in providing regional third party claims administration (“TPA”) services, emergency medical assistance facilitation services, healthcare management services and operating a state-of-the-art electronic healthcard network infrastructure to facilitate healthcare claims processing.

OdiTek, with the help of its app connectivity experts, iOS and Android app development team, and Web Platform developers created Optimal Health integrated platform solution to deliver TPA customer services in multiple delivery channels.


Medical TPA, Healthcare Insurance

Key Results

A platform solution that renders TPA services on the go, healthcare services and information for customers, insurance agents, HR managers, providers and operations. Successful deployment and usage of an integrated heterogenous sub systems catering needs to all stakeholders in the TPA business.

Technologies Used
  • Design: Bootstrap Responsive Design
  • OS: Linux, Android, iOS, Windows
  • Languages: Java, Objective C, PHP, .Net, Java Script, AngularJS, NodeJS
  • Database: SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite
  • Third Parties: Payment GWs, SMS GWs, Logistic APIs, Data Analytics Open Source Stacks
  • Deployment: Tier-4 Cloud
Mobile Solutions
CRM Solutions
eCommerce Solutions



The integrated platform development project took 8 months to deploy CRM Solution, Mobile Apps on Android & iOS & eCart web portal. All sub-systems were deployed which were perfectly working sealmessly with each other, providing all intended business functions in a centralized automated manner. With a month of deployment and system handover, entire customer support functions successfully migrated to the platform and TPA customer features are started being provisioned using the platform. The success of this project led to another similar project from the same Medical TPA industry.

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