Key challenges in iPhone app development

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iPhone application developers are in high demand these days due to the popularity of iOS Apps in the consumer and the enterprise space. With the increase in complexity and functionality of the iOS Apps, developers need to overcome challenges to develop stable iOS Applications.
Developers at an iPhone app development company need creativity work around the challenges that might arise while developing enterprise apps. As mobile developers ourselves, we understand that it can get frustrating to stumble upon a roadblock in the middle developing an iOS app, but if you know what the issue is you’ve won half the battle.

Here’s a brief description of the various challenges in iOS app development that you can come across while developing innovative enterprise apps for iPhones or iPads. This post might help you be well prepared to face and overcome these iOS app development challenges.

Challenges in iOS App Development

Top 5 Challenges in iOS App Development:

Navigation Panel in the Developer Portal
The navigation panel for iOS application developers may be complicated for those new in this field. Make sure the team working on your enterprise app has prior experience in developing iOS apps and understands the needs of an Enterprise.

Beta Users Testing
The best way for you to test out your enterprise app is to have your app’s consumer carry out the Beta testing. They will be able to check the functionality of the app and identify any possible failure conditions that are specific to it. One such solution is, which comes very handy for beta testing your app on the go.

iOS Application Compatibility
There are various Apple products available in the market including iPhone 4, 5 and 6 series and iPad (multiple Generations, the iPad mini-series, and the iPad Air!), and it is necessary for an excellent iOS platform app to be backward and forward compatible with all the Apple products. Testing your application becomes very important; thereby using TaaS product like Testelf or TestFlight can aid you through this issue.

App Store Approval
Before starting to develop an iOS-based application, it is essential that the development team know the guidelines outlined by the App Store at the back of their hand. They must conform to all the listed rules and regulations so that your business app gets accepted into the App Store. It will help you save time and aid you through various investment challenges.

Stimulating Poor Network Conditions
It is essential that your iOS app passes through a test done by the Network Link Conditioner to ensure the enterprise users don’t face challenges due to network speed issues. It will help the app hold up its functionality across not-up-to-the-mark networks.

Limitations in Performance and Memory:
Managing performance and memory constraints is another iPhone app development challenge faced by iOS developers. Especially, developers find difficulty to manage memory within an application with iPhones, as the device doesn’t come with garbage collection. One can have a risk of the application being terminated if it becomes a source control.
A superset of the C language, objective C comes with a remarkable memory management model, which is quite easy to adhere to, reduce the pain of iPhone application development.

Apps in Sandboxed Environment:
Third-party applications integrated into a sandboxed environment on the iPhone. Sandboxing helps developers to prevent the extent of damage that compromising app cause to the iPhone. It develops another set of app development challenges that the app to contact data from outside their defined Sandboxed directory.

The challenges mentioned above are not an exhaustive list of all the issues you may face while developing enterprise iOS apps. These are some of the common challenges developers should take care of while developing for iPhone platform. To thrive in the highly competitive mobile app market, mobile app developers and companies must have the ability to create and develop superior apps. The above challenges can act as a warning for the success of their mobile apps, if not addressed adequately.

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