Mortgage Finance Application | Case Study

Web Application on Cloud for Mortgage Finance.
Custom built applications on .Net and PHP for Core Process application & customer facing web interfaces.

Cloud based Web Applications for Mortgage & Finance


The Customer has been No 1 Mortgage Lender in The USA since last 3 years in a row, with offices spread across 18 states in The US and a happy customer base for both new purchase as well as refinance. Started in 2004 with a staff of eight experienced mortgage professionals that had a goal to make a difference in the lives of those they serve, today My First Option is a family of 200+ employees.

Started with the simple idea to become the First Option for anyone who has a dream to own a house or property. They are the mortgage transaction process know how experts, from the founding day, they have built personal relationships with each of the customers to better the process for everyone. Today THE CUSTOMER is a leader in mortgage lending and it’s continue to serve it’s customers bringing delight.

Application Requirements

This project had 2 major requirements, to overhaul the existing loan application product and sync with their back-end CRM in use along with revamping and rebranding their existing customer facing wordpress based web portal.

The Business Case Challenge

Customer was using a COTS CRM product that was used as database for loan applications being routed to it and all assignments to loan officers, mortgage processes are getting tracked from that CRM. The loan application process had multiple channels involved from different web applications, forms. The loan application required to be overhauled as it involved too many redundancies, and not very user friendly. Same time, existing application data had to work in new model.

Customer facing web portal was in use for quite a few years and required rebranding. This had to change the design elements, new forms and functionalities.

OdiTek’s Solution

The customer decided to try out ODC model where a dedicated team was allocated to migrate their existing Application processes to new model, and to rebrand their customer facing web portals. The legacy .Net based software had to be improved for new processes in place, team worked with their existing CRM and software base to bring up the required changes.

For customer facing web portals, design phase was critical so that branding is properly done and reflect in the new web pages. WordPress was default choice which provided options of CMS and easy maintainability.

At a Glance

The customer is US’s leading mortgage lender with presence in more than 18 states of The US. They deliver excellent services when it comes to mortgage lending for new purchase or refinance. They required to improve their existing .Net based application processes and seamlessly work with their CRM tool. Along with that they required to rebrand their customer facing web portals.

It setup an ODC team at OdiTek, that ensured development, deployment and maintenance of it’s business platforms.


Mortgage Lending | Banking & Finance

Key Results

Fully SEO compliant, rich back-end with a number of functionalities that help the back-end to track and monitor customer browsing trends, application trends. Entire project which span across more than a year had multiple monthly sprints with a team size of 4 highly skilled developers. This was a hugely successful project where we achieved all development goals as well as SEO objectives.

Technologies Used
  • Design: Bootstrap Responsive Design
  • OS: Windows, Linux
  • Languages: .Net, PHP, Java Script
  • Database: My SQL, MSSQL
  • Third Parties: Google APIs, Open Source Stacks
  • Deployment: Tier-4 Cloud in US

Robust Database
Scalable back-end in cloud
Customer Facing Website



A very professional and design-savvy customer facing web portal and feature-rich applications in the back-end that work seamlessly together with the existing CRM in use simplifying the loan or mortgage proccesses. The web portal is supported with almost all different possible SEO friendly functionalities, web master and analytics tools required to monitor and alter to make the portal fully compliant to search engine needs.

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