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OdiTek Solutions offer a wide range of NodeJS Development Services that let you create highly scalable apps and websites that are fast and efficient. NodeJS is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript run-time environment that executes the code outside of a web browser. It enables developers to use JavaScript to run scripts server-side to produce dynamic web page content.

NodeJS web development services unify web application development around JavaScript, meaning you can build an entire application with only one programming language.

You can create web servers using JavaScript and various modules that handle different kinds of functionalities using NodeJS. It sets itself apart from ASP and PHP in the following ways:

a. It supports asynchronous programming
b. It is non-blocking
c. It is memory efficient
d. It runs single-threaded


We provide our clientele with a range of NodeJS Development Services. This makes us a one-stop solution for every enterprises’ development needs.

Our services include:

1. NodeJS API and Package Development

Developing an API can give a significant boost to your business and NodeJS provides the same to you. NodeJS web development services from OdiTek can help you develop APIs like REST APIs that can readily provide access to resources and modify them using the HTTP protocol.

At the same time, we can also envision and create custom-made web-based packages of the desired application using our NodeJS development services.

2. Real-Time Application Development

Build real-time applications that are high in performance, fully-functional, and lightweight. These are highly active applications that constantly exchange data with real-time tracking solutions.

3. Backend and Dashboard Development

Our back-end and dashboard solutions can provide you with easy data management processes that you can carry out on your own through the backend with the help of powerful CMS or Back-end management systems. Our advanced and interactive dashboards can let you have a bird’s eye view of your system.

4. ExpressJS Application Development

If you are planning to build your application through the ExpressJS Framework by hosting it within the NodeJS run-time environment, OdiTek holds requisite expertise to undertake every task in the domain.

5. NodeJS Web App Development

NodeJS is a powerful environment to develop lightweight and swift web-based applications. Our services here include:

a. e-Commerce/Shopping Cart Development: We hold expertise in e-commerce website development and are capable of tailoring the most reliable, secure, and fast NodeJS applications that serve the necessary needs of your business.

b. Content Management Tools: If you’re looking to develop your content management tool, OdiTek can help you achieve this. We can help develop robust NodeJS-based CMS to let you achieve greater customization.

c. Portal Development: Whether you want to develop a web-based or an internal portal, OdiTek offers every type of Portal development service.

d. Data Analysis Tools: Our NodeJS based data analysis tool can help you build applications on top of large data pools.

6. AJAX Development

If you have any project requirement that requires an amalgamation of technologies like CSS, XHR, HTML, or JavaScript, we have relevant expertise upon everything.

7. Test-Driven Development

Data-driven A/B development through NodeJS to test your website performances and make the decision-making process profitable.

8. Chatbot Development

Use NodeJS to build an AI-powered web UI chatbot that excels in natural language detection, conversion interaction, and answer discovery.

9. Custom NodeJS Services

If you have a niche requirement that falls out of the purview of all the services given above, OdiTek can develop custom-made solutions for you that cater to your diverse business needs.


If you want to know what makes NodeJS a dependable solution for your web application development needs, here are the points mentioned -

1. Easy Coding
2. Easy Migration
3. Seamless Development
4. Asynchronous I/O
5. Dynamic NPM
6. High Productivity
7. Strong Community
8. Solves Database Queries
9. Inexpensive Development Cycle
10. NodeJS for IoT
11. Flexible Engagement Models
12. Hands-on Experience on NodeJS Frameworks


OdiTek NodeJS Development Services include front-end/back-end development, dedicated NodeJS developers, and web design. Get NodeJS consulting, development, and support from OdiTek’s professional NodeJS experts!

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