Robotic Process Automation

RPA is an emerging form of business process automation technology based on the notion of software robots or artificial intelligence (AI) workers.


With RPA, process automation can expedite back-office tasks in finance, supply chain management, procurement, accounting, customer service, and human resources.


Use of RPA in remote management of IT infrastructures can consistently investigate and solve problems for faster process throughput.


By implementing machine learning, voice recognition software or automated online assistants, RPA can provide answers to employees or customers.

Are you looking to optimize your business process automation technology based on the notion of software robots or artificial intelligence (AI) workers.
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Our Service Offering

Business Readiness Analysis

Our expertise involves a thorough analysis of the RPA readiness for your processes to ensure that returns are maximized. Identifying key constraints and check listing them to help you realize long term benefits are the approach we take to ensure lifetime value.

Business Case Discovery

OdiTek is equipped with the right skills and knowledge to effectively discover business cases that are most appropriate for RPA and plan out the efforts.

Proof of Concept

Our trained RPA consultants ensure proper planning and execution of the RPA Proof of Concept to showcase the full extent of the RPA value.

Technology Selection

Our technology selection takes into account diversified spectrum, scalability, reliability, flexibility, hassle free post implementation support and ease of use.

RPA Support

Our unique service offering includes bot maintenance and day-to day bot operations analysis to remove bottle necks and issues to ensure continuous improvement.

RPA Implementation

Our RPA implementation expertise spans over both self-running automation (back office & unattended) and human guided automation (front office & attended). Our in-depth expertise in developing robust, flexible, autonomous robots to support complex workflows through a clearly documented and well-coded software reconciliation process that sets us apart in terms of quality and agility from the rest.

Transforming Businesses

RPA has become a mainstream focus for many industries as they are trying to integrate robotics and advanced digital technology platforms to achieve true automation.

RPA in Healthcare

Patient data processing, Claims Underwriting and Processing, Medical Coding, Medical billing and Processing, Patient Payment Consolidation

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RPA in Retail

Procurement & Inventory Management, Order Processing and Payments, Communication between Manufacturers, Suppliers, Third Party Logistics, and Customers, Etc…

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RPA Software

Load, Stress, performance testing of mobile apps, Defect Tracking & Management, Test suite automation

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RPA in Manufacturing

Logistics Automation, Invoice Generation and Validation, ERP Business workflow automation, Dynamic Product price comparisons

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RPA in Travel

Competitor Pricing Analysis, Automated Guest Checking, Room Booking, Travel Package Selection and Recommendation, Payment Processing

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Contact Center Automation, Conversational IVR for human like response

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RPA in Banking

Compliance, Accounts Payable, Mortgage processing, Credit card & Loan processing, Fraud Detection, KYC process, Report Automation, Etc…

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RPA in Finance

Accelerate period-end processing, Update master accounts and legal entities across systems, Maintain attributes across systems, Etc…

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I have worked with many of them in 2005 when I was CEO at NetHawk India, and it's amazing to see them turning their experience into a global delivery excellence at OdiTek. I am sure their past telecom experience will be handy to Simulators/Analysers Product companies.
Juha Marjeta Opti Automation Oyj
OdiTek has been working in Telecom Wireless domain and many of them have worked with me in 2009-10 when I was R&D Manager in NetHawk India. They possess excellent knowledge of the domain specifically LTE, 3G, IMS. They have great enthusiasm & a passion to excel in Telecoms.
Karen Hamber Senior Product Manager- Skype
There is a combination of telecom wireless competencies and entuciasm with OdiTek, they had worked on LTE when the specs were in draft stage. Their strong knowledge on IP Security and networking can be utilized to a great deal for simulators or analysers product development and testing.
Olli Sydanlammi Head- Digital Banking: Arab Bank

Playground of our Services

With a lot of excitement, expectations running sky-high, enterprises are keen to capitalize on the strategic and financial benefits that Digital, RPA and AI bring in for diverse industries such as Healthcare & Life Sciences, Consumer & Retail, Manufacturing, Banking & Financials, Transport and Logistics, Unified Customer Service, and Smart home.

We at OdiTek bring out the robots out of human. Our automation services have enabled enterprises to automate and accelerate business process transformation, maximize ROI and process efficiency–so that you can concentrate on innovation and deliver winning customer experiences.

Our team has in depth expertise in traditional Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for business rules and work-flow driven environment, along with Cognitive automation that deals with intelligent, smart, self-learning software robots used to automate end-to-end business processes with in-built cognitive elements comprising Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and enterprise grade analytic to provide actionable insights.

As an RPA Service Provider, we partner with organizations to help them achieve their objectives from automation initiatives. We provide the end to end services for automating the Business Process as well as the IT operations. We offer advance capabilities like RPA, Chatbot, Machine Learning and rapid API integrations.

We provide services throughout the RPA journey, from defining the strategy to continuous improvement and innovation, implementation, automation, integration and support.