Progressive Web App Development

Progressive web app is a novel web development technology which provides your user the same experience in browsing the web on mobile as that of a mobile app. It is designed to reduce the loading time for your portal. It improves user experience and helps to improve conversions. PWA is inherently secured delivering content over HTTPS. The progressive web apps also provide offline access to the app. The Progressive web app works on rich technologies like JSON script and service workers. These two scripts help in converting your website into web app quite similar to web API.

OdiTek Solutions is a Progressive Web application development company helping clients build progressive web applications that are not only lite and quick to load but also work independently of internet connections. As the providers of the Best Web and Mobile App Solutions, we can confidently say that Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are set to revolutionize the way users and companies interact. From the development aspect, opting for a progressive web app (PWA) for your company will result in a rapidly deployable product that is highly responsive and matches up to the user experience of having a specifically created native app.

Services Offerings
Our professionals are dedicatedly working for progressive web application development on different platforms. Our services result in the perfect blend of modern technologies and applications. With this, you get the web applications and mobile applications that are compatible with different browsers while increasing it's usability!

  • Our web app development provides interactive and catchy applications
  • Our team is one of the earliest adopters of Progressive Web Applications
  • We have a diverse team of engineers, designers and project managers - each an expert in their field. This means we can handle the complete development of your Progressive Web Application - UI/UX, Backend Development - everything!
  • We invest in keeping you abreast of new technologies, Progressive Web Applications being one of them. Our engineers can consult with you on the best language, library, and frameworks for your product
  • We have made significant advancements for our clients by transforming their site and applications to Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and Mobile-First Designs that create an app like experience and increase conversion
  • With our user-centric approach, we aim at delivering apps that are easy-to-use and have exceptional design
  • We provide scalable and reliable app solutions based on proven techniques and vast experience
  • Before delivering the project, your app is stringently tested by our QA team to ensure it provides a bug-free user experience
Skills and Matrix
OdiTek Solutions is a pioneer in the designing and development of Progressive Web App. With our innovative approach, we always strive hard to bring new technologies to surface. We have an experienced pool of web app professionals who have diverse experience in development and provide a great user experience to the users. At OdiTek, progressive app development is a path breaker where our expert developers blend different technologies to serve the clientele with the best!
  • Compete with the traditional native apps
  • High technical expertise
  • Timely support & maintenance
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Affordable without quality compromise
  • Innovative development solutions
  • Meets commercial & technical challenges
  • Reliable, well tested code
Progressive web app development is changing the definition of web page development and is highly successful in attracting more customers! We understand the need for customized and professional services for all our valued clients and thus, are willing to offer the best deals. Our team of professionals is veteran in building responsive and profitable web apps. If you are looking for progressive web app professionals, allow OdiTek Solutions to build the best for your business!

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No up-front payment

We don't always ask dollars to kick-start, we wish to forge relationships where you will be assured that the team on which you would rely to build your product or solutions are good enough to do it. Reach out today, we would love to kick start the journey together!

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We are obliged to work on a mutually beneficial arrangement, contracts mean a legal paper but we understand that it's you who will decide w.r.t. work. We are open to both formal contracts as well as quick-notice start-stop mode of engagement.

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Risk-Free Trial

Before you decide to setup a Product Development Or an off-shore team, let us know if you wish a trial period. We can setup a team to work on an MVP or a trial period for 4 weeks without invoice. We believe to collaborate where we add value to the mission.

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Why Choose OdiTek

  • Technology Excellence across platforms
  • Business ideas into commercial applications
  • Domain Intensive Value Proposition
  • Significant Cost Reduction with ODC model
  • Get 2-4 weeks Risk-Free Trial before kick-start
  • Pool of expertise in Agile Teams to choose
  • Flexible work hours based on need
  • Commitment to excellence, Reliable

Key Points

  • Competitive cost Proposition
  • Wider platform coverage
  • Business application & interface development
  • Highly trained resources
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Agile methodologies & practices
  • Deep domain & functional expertise
  • Happy international clients

Skill Set

  • Software programming and testing
  • Cross-platform development skills
  • Multiple OS, tools, technology skills
  • Web, mobile & business applications
  • Automated testing across industry verticals
  • Optimized, high-productivity porting
  • Effective communication
  • International Project Management skills

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