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hire angularjs developers india

Develop Powerful Front-End: Hire ANGULARJS Developers India

HIRE ANGULARJS DEVELOPERS INDIA We work exclusively on your AngularJS application or web products development based on MEAN Stack. Unleash the power of JavaScript and design a rich-featured single-page application across platforms by choosing an experienced team from us. We … Read More

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angularjs development services

AngularJS Development Services – Angular is Developer’s Delight!

ROBUST & HIGHLY SECURE ANGULARJS DEVELOPMENT Are you stuck with questions like, which smart technology to choose to win business? Which programming language will best suit your app? Which platform you should choose for your app? The framework has always … Read More

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angularjs development company


ODITEK – THE LEADING ANGULARJS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, INDIA Angular JS is an open-source, JavaScript-based framework using which you can develop dynamic single page web applications to large scale applications with complex set of user interfaces. OdiTek Solutions is a leading … Read More

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With ASP.NET, a dynamic website can be built by using a familiar drag-and-drop, event-driven model. A design surface and hundreds of controls and components let you rapidly build sophisticated, powerful UI-driven sites with data access. By saying that we will … Read More

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DevExpress Reporting

DevExpress Reporting and DevExpress Dashboard

Now a day’s businesses are searching for management solutions which are more effective and less hectic. And why not, who wants to spend more time in this mind jumbled thing for hours and hours rather utilizing that time to make … Read More

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mean stack development companies

Future Of Web Apps Brighten With MEAN Stack Development Companies

MEAN STACK DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES With proven competence in multiple libraries and frameworks, MEAN Stack developers at OdiTek Solutions have the expertise and experience required to make your application or website successful and competitive. As one of the rapidly evolving MEAN … Read More

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tools for android app development


Introduction: Android has evolved over the years and quickly become the dominant mobile platform across the globe. Android holds over 74.13% of the global mobile OS market share as of December 2019. Android mobile devices are immensely popular on the … Read More

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mean stack development company

Get The Best Support From Trusted MEAN Stack Development Company

MEAN STACK DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Oditek is a leading MEAN Stack development company, utilizing it’s strong experience on MEAN Stack.. The main reason that makes using the MEAN Stack development services popular is its flexibility and ease of development. MEAN is … Read More

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ios app development in windows


Introduction: Xcode is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) mostly used to design and develop an iOS app. Xcode includes a swift compiler, interface builder and other required tools to upload your app to the app store. Now Xcode contains everything … Read More

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Differences between ASP.NET 5 and ASP.NET MVC 6

The best way to learn the new in any technology is to compare with its earlier version. The ASP.NET 5 is an open-source platform for developing web applications on Windows, Mac and Linux. On the other hand, The ASP.NET MVC … Read More

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android app development in java


Introduction: Android application development is a new trend and emerging as a market leader in mobile platforms. Android has a greater user base with around 85% of global market shares. The rapid increase in the use of smartphones has raised … Read More

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notification on ios app

Best Practices of Implementing Notification on iOS Apps

Introduction: Push notifications are not scheduled by App, they are triggered by another service (called provider), most often a web server, and they’re usually targeting to multiple devices simultaneously. Every single push notification that is sent from a provider to … Read More

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ios app development software

Software and Languages used to Develop iOS Apps

Software: Apple has its software for building iOS apps called Xcode. It serves as an editor for your code, as well as a debugging tool and way to preview your apps before you launch them. Xcode is free to download, … Read More

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ios app development with swift

iOS App Development with Swift

Introduction: The iOS platform powers apps built for the iPhone and iPad. To develop an app for the iPhone or iPad, you need to use Swift as a coding language and the Cocoa framework. You need to use an IDE … Read More

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software for android app development

Android Application Development

Introduction We can approach android application development in many different ways. As a mobile application developer, what we have learned here at Oditek Solutions in the past few years that there is not any specific technology that works everywhere. Android … Read More

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mean stack development services

MEAN STACK Development Services

INTRODUCTION Are you searching for a free, open-source software stack to build dynamic and powerful web applications and websites? Moreover, if you are looking for a complete technology solution to develop innovative projects for diverse business requirements, you should seriously … Read More

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Best Practices & Tools for MEAN Stack Developers

INTRODUCTION To succeed as professional MEAN Stack developers, we require a lot of learning, skill development, and experience on working all different components of MEAN Stack and associated development tools. To transform from a beginner to an experienced professional takes … Read More

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Full Stack Developer

Top Skills to Look for Before Hiring A Full Stack Developer

INTRODUCTION: Today’s digital age comes with a vast array of different career opportunities to choose from. New developments and state-of-the-art innovations give birth to an increasing number of positions to support them. A full stack developer is one of them. … Read More

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Sitefinity Vs Kentico

CMS Comparison: Sitefinity vs Kentico

Today’s customer basically demands personalised experience with instant delivery of content through the platform they choose. There are so many CMS options in hand to start with but today we will be focusing on two CMS platform basically: Sitefinity vs … Read More

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Comparing TIBCO Jaspersoft Over Other Reporting Platforms

INTRODUCTION Different companies will require different reports capabilities in their system software, therefore an in-depth analysis is always required taking which reporting or BI tool will suit to the specific business decision makers needs. And Jaspersoft TIBCO tops the list. … Read More

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Getting Started with Jasper iReport Designer? Know its Lifecycle & the Important Report Elements

INTRODUCTION Jasper iReport is an open-source report designer for JasperReports & JasperReports Server. You can – Create beautiful layouts containing charts, subreports, crosstabs, and images, Access your data through XML Hibernate, JavaBeans, JDBC, TableModels, CSV and custom sources, and Publish … Read More

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Jasper Reports Server Installation Guide

Installing Jasper Reports Server – The Most Simplest Steps to Follow

Overview Jasper Reports Server is built on Jasper Reports Library that provides interactive and robust reporting, reports server, and data analysis capabilities. The server enables seamless integration with other applications and the capability to add custom functionality easily by exposing … Read More

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Sitefinity Vs Sitecore

Best CMS for your Business: Sitefinity vs Sitecore

From a business owner aspect, it’s vital to know what kind of CMS platform could be better for their website. There are quite a numbers of CMS platform to build a website but today we are going to 2 of … Read More

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Sitefinity vs WordPress

Sitefinity vs. WordPress: which one is better for your business

We think everything is good up today on your side. With this fine day, let us discuss the battle between 2 leading content management systems – Sitefinity vs WordPress. When it’s time to decide for choosing the right CMS platform, … Read More

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Jasper Reports Studio

Jasper Reports Studio: Meet the New Eclipse-Based Report Designer

We are living in an exciting world. Anyone with a project idea and credit card can build a datacenter in minutes. Today’s world is just about efficiency and TIBCO Jasper Reports Studio brings you just that. INTRODUCTION TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio … Read More

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Sitefinity CMS Development

Website personalization with Sitefinity CMS Development

As a Sitefinity CMS Development experts view of the point we need to know the importance of website personalization and how it can become a crucial point for a successful business. On saying that the trickiest part in marketing campaign … Read More

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Jasper Reports

Jasper Reports – Overview of the Best Open Source Reporting Tool

INTRODUCTION: Jasper Reports is a popular open-source reporting tool that is used by hundreds of thousands of coders all around the globe. It can be used to generate a wide variety of reports in various formats like – 1. CSV … Read More

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Sitefinity Progress Content Management System

Sitefinity Development – Speed and Performance

How do you do mates? It’s a good fine day to talk about how to improve the development of creating Sitefinity Content Management System sites. But now there is a lot of talk about the performance improvements and checks for … Read More

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IPSec Stack porting from Linux to Windows | IPSec based VPN Solution for Windows

This is a case study where we worked with our client, to migrate their proprietary IPSec VPN Solution on Linux to Windows. The customer is a business setup in US developing and fielding highly secure communication for the U.S. Government. … Read More

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Mobile Performance Testing with JMeter

Mobile Performance testing for Native and Web App

Being a versatile tool, JMeter can be used for mobile performance testing as well. It provides handy features to prepare and run our mobile specific performance test scripts. Jmeter can help to do performance test for both Android and iOS … Read More

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Best Practices & Guidelines for BDD

Know About “Behavior Driven Development (BDD)” Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is a strategy for creating programming through continuous example-based communication between developers, QAs and BAs. The basic role of BDD technique is to enhance communication among the stakeholders of the … Read More

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Wait in Selenium Webdriver

Different kinds of Wait in selenium webdriver are 1. Thread Sleep Purpose: This is rarely used, as it always force the browser to wait for a specific time. Thread.Sleep is never a good idea and that’s why Selenium provides wait … Read More

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Windows Device Driver Development

Introduction Driver is a very important piece of software that provides a way for a particular hardware to interact with a particular Operating System. Development of device drivers is quite a daunting task. It is a complicated and fastidious activity … Read More

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Linux Device Driver Development

Introduction Device drivers are parts of the operating system that facilitate usage of hardware devices via certain programming interface so that software applications can control and operate the devices. As each driver is specific to a particular operating system, one … Read More

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Android NDK Development

Android NDK Development Being the most popular mobile OS in the world, Android app development is naturally the top choice for mobile app developers today.. Android apps are typically written in Java, with its elegant object-oriented design. However to overcome … Read More

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Bhubaneswar – Fast Catching up with Bangalore as IT Hub

Bhubaneswar – Fast Catching up with Bangalore as IT Hub Bhubaneswar, or more commonly known as a city of temples that’s both scenic and quiet in nature is a pit stop for tourists enroute to Puri. But all that has … Read More

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Flask vs Django

Introduction Python, a programming language which is rapidly gaining preferability & popularity among start-ups and cloud technology provider companies all over the world as it is favored for its clear, readable code, and flexibility. Python is the language of choice … Read More

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Memcached Vs Redis

Introduction When someone needs to enhance the execution and speed of their data-driven web applications, the primary activity is to have a proper caching system and for which Memcached and Redis instantly come to mind. Both distributed caching systems are … Read More

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Best Practices in WordPress Development

Today if we think about to do something which is most easily and the efficient result will come that’s slowly become best practice in the long run. So think about “WordPress”. WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool … Read More

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ios_app image

Key challenges in iPhone app development

iPhone application developers are in high demand these days due to the popularity of iOS Apps in the consumer and the enterprise space. With the increase in complexity and functionality of the iOS Apps, developers need to overcome challenges to … Read More

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Native iOS App development on Swift

The iOS platform powers apps built for iPhone and iPad. To develop an app for iPhone or iPad, you need to use Objective C or Swift as coding language and the Cocoa framework. You need to use an IDE (Integrated … Read More

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Security Testing Tools and Services

Security testing tools are performed with the intention of revealing flaws in security mechanisms and finding the vulnerabilities or weaknesses of software applications. These tools are pivotal in a company’s business strategy. As crucial as software testing is, and as … Read More

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Best Practices in iOS App Development

Applications need to work with the iOS to ensure that they deliver a wonderful user experience. Beyond just a good design for your app’s design and user interface, a great user experience encompasses many other factors. Users expect that iOS … Read More

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Top Technologies for .Net Development

.NET provides a simple object-oriented model to access most of the Windows application programming interfaces (APIs). It also provides mechanisms by which you can use the existing native code. In addition, it significantly extends the development platform by providing tools … Read More

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Best Practices in Android App Development

The popularity of Android has created a humongous demand for applications. As developers, it’s our responsibility to ensure that users don’t have a bad experience while using our apps.Here are a few Android Best Practice Development tips that we follow … Read More

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Top .Net Development Tools

The productivity of the application has an utmost importance in developer’s life and it’s been difficult to write quality and standard code all alone without any help so to ease in this process, tools have been the importance of time … Read More

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Best Practices For asp.net Development

This article suggests a few tips to improve the performance of an ASP.NET application. There are many more things which may ensure a better performance and faster response time for a web application.Here we are discussing only a few of … Read More

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Best Practices for Python Development

Python is a general-purpose high-level interpreter based computer programming language that has gained popularity over the years for its versatile role – from being able to support simple object oriented programming to facilitating analytics and web development. Like most programming … Read More

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Top C++ Application Development Tools

Tools for C++ Development 1.1.Source Control Tools: GitHub – allows for unlimited public repositories, must pay for a private repository. Bitbucket – allows for unlimited private repositories with up to 5 collaborators, for free. SourceForge – open source hosting only. … Read More

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Application Development in C++

A super set of C, C++ is an object-oriented programming language and incorporates all the features offered by C. C++ started its journey as C with classes. Gradually, it has evolved and despite the popularity of other programming languages like … Read More

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Best Practices for C++ Development

1. Use the Tools Available In the early phase of the development process, an automated framework needs to define for source code management, build, execute and test. It should not take more than 2-3 commands to check out the source … Read More

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Automation Approach for a Telecom Wireless Analyzer Product

The rapid transformation in telecommunications industry has resulted in rapid transformation of the ecosystem. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are working aggressively to either build new networks or enhance existing ones to support new technologies and growing end user demands. As … Read More

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Automation Approach For Telecom Wireless Simulator Product

Overview: There is a rapid transformation of legacy network of various Telecom Service Providers to support IP & Multimedia services, especially after the advent of 5G, NFV & SDN plus usage of IoT in Telecoms. And hence Network equipment manufacturers … Read More

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5G Wireless Testing Solutions

What is 5G Network 5G Technology stands for 5th Generation Mobile technology. It supports different kinds of UEs that includes IoT devices, camera, MP3 recording, video player, large phone memory, dialing speed, audio player and much more. 5G Technology Offers … Read More

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ROBOT FRAMEWORK which is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and its tabular test data syntax is almost plain English and easy to understand. Its testing capabilities can be extended by test libraries implemented either with Python or … Read More

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Achieve Quality Code and ROI through Test Automation

Automation crosses all functions in an industry from installation, integration, and maintenance to design, procurement, and management. The main goal of Automation testing is to increase the test efficiency and to ensure applications are error-free, cost-efficient, and quickly delivered to develop software … Read More

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Selenium- Most popular Open Source Automation Tool

Selenium Testing is the most popular open source automation testing tool for Web-based applications.It supports all types of browsers for automation.Also, it supports to run test cases without scripting languages as well as all common languages such as Java, C#, … Read More

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Robot Framework : Outstanding Platform in Automation

“Automation test” explains about the easiest way to do test work and reducing human work, increasing coverage of Testing and re-usability. A million dollar question arises I.e. “how am I going to start coding?”. Basically, coding is the pillar to make stand automation test to prove … Read More

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TestNG and Cucumber

TestNG: TestNG is a testing framework inspired from JUnit and NUnit, but introducing some new functionalities that make it more powerful and easier to use. TestNG is an open source automated testing framework; where NG means Next Generation. Cucumber: Cucumber is a tool … Read MoreRead More

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Robot Framework For Mobile Test Automation

Mobile Apps are windows to user solutions in IT. the numbers of mobile apps are increasing due to demands for smartphone users. Hence there are increasing of the competition to deliver quality apps. Testing mobile apps are thus becoming a … Read More

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Selenium Basics

1.What is Selenium? Selenium is one of the most popular open-source automated testing Tools available today. Selenium automates web applications for testing purposes but is certainly not limited to just that Selenium is not a single tool, instead, it is … Read More

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Robot Test Automation Framework is Superb

INTRODUCTION Manual testing is a time consuming process. In addition, regression testing, because of its repetitive nature, is error-prone, so automation is highly desirable. Automation Testing helps us to ensure the quality of our growing applications. There are many open … Read More

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Jasmine Framework blog

Effectiveness of jasmine framework in Test Automation

Introduction Manual testing is tedious, time consuming, labor intensive and error prone where as Automated testing can dramatically improve efficiency and effectiveness and enables testers to focus their time on more strategic activities such as exploratory testing and usability etc. Jasmine … Read More

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Challenges in NFV, SDN and WirelessNetwork Infrastructure Market

Global wireless CapEx is on the rise, as operators deploy LTE and HetNet (Heterogeneous Network) infrastructure, amid growing demands for high-speed mobile broadband connectivity. By eliminating reliance on expensive proprietary hardware platforms, NFV (Network Functions Visualization) and SDN (Software Defined … Read More

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Telecom Wireless Test & Measurement- Major Trends

Introduction Augmented smart phone adoption, high mobility and explosive mobile data traffic growth have sparked a revolution in the wireless communication sector. The rapid change in the network circulation from voice to integrated voice, video, and data is encouraging the … Read More

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Challenges in Telecom Test & Measurement Market- India

Introduction The market for telecom test and measurement (T&M) equipment has grown over time, in tandem with the growth in the telecom sector. The demand for communication test and measurement solutions is on a rise on account of growing bandwidth … Read More

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Opportunities in Wireless Testing Market

The evolution of wireless test equipment market is influence by developments in the wireless communication industry. Current trends,such as increased mobility,explosive mobile data traffic growth coupled with increasing adoption of smart device and imminent LTE and LTE-advanced deployments are expected … Read More

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Key check points for Deployment of Web scale applications on Cloud Server

As a developer, you probably hear a lot about new technologies that promise to increase the speed at which you can develop software, as well as ones that can increase the resiliency of your applications once you have deployed them. … Read More

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Proofing your web applications against hacking and malware infections

  Regardless of your broader objectives, keeping your device healthy is a critical first step down the path toward better security. So, before you begin worrying too much about strong passwords, private communication and secure deletion, for example, you need … Read More

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Security testing for web applications- What we need

Web application security is the process of securing confidential data stored online from unauthorized access and modification. This is accomplished by enforcing stringent policy measures. Security threats can compromise the data stored by an organization is hackers with malicious intentions … Read More

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Outsourcing Manual Testing- Key Benefits

Manual testing is the oldest and most rigorous type of software testing. Manual testing requires a tester to perform manual test operations on the test software without the help of Test automation. Outsourced Testing is a surprisingly wide-ranging subject area, … Read More

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Salary Administration Solution- What you need there

Introduction: Salary Administration Solution, what is this meaning ?if I try to explain in simple way that this is the ultimate software solution can     tremendously speed up the salary administration process. which can manage one organization’s compensation structure. … Read More

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Ruby on Rails- Outstanding platform for web application development

Introduction:   Ruby on Rails is a leading web application development framework, based on the Ruby programming language. It is designed to eliminate much of the drudgery of writing typical web applications by providing default settings that eliminate most configuration … Read More

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Key features while building web & mobile app platform for Financial Consulting business

Building a app is critical process , Having helped build more than a hundred apps from categories ranging from social networking, utility, entertainment and lifestyle, I get asked a lot of questions by entrepreneurs and businesses on the entire process … Read More

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Effective Communication is Key in Offshore Development Model

Nowadays many organization using offshore partners to complement their U.S.-based development team but here communication is a major factor of success or failure for any software project In offshore software development OSD, communication is more critical than collocated software development. Frequent … Read More

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Outsourcing Web Testing -Key Benefits

Outsourcing web testing gained big popularity , It is the best solution today that ensures a lot of benefits, among which: Saving time and resources for search, recruitment, education and maintenance of own testing department. Reduced risk of financial losses … Read More

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Joint application development best approach to build your product from scratch

JAD (Joint Application Development) is a processes that involves the client in the design and development of an application, through a succession of collaborative workshops called JAD sessions. Chuck Morris and Tony Crawford, both of IBM, developed JAD in the late 1970s … Read More

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Challenges in leading a Startup company

Leading a startup company isn’t for everyone. To succeed you of course have to first have a billion dollar idea. However transforming an idea into actual success is only the tip of the iceberg. The biggest challenge is that most … Read More

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Hyperlocals are next generation business models

E-commerce, as we know it, is old news. Hyperlocal is the hot new buzzword in retail hallways, going by the recent spate of well-funded launches in this space. There is already a wide range of services on offer, from grocery … Read More

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Why your business processes should be on mobile now

In the mobile world of IT today, a device’s app store has its fair share of applications and tools that employees can use to get work done.Sometimes the best way to simplify complex business processes and make this more easier … Read More

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Best practices for developing a professional website

Introduction- Nowadays, it’s no longer about whether you have a Web site but rather how your Website represent your business, and whether you’re using the medium to its fullest potential. A Web site is a business’s face to the world; … Read More

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The ultimate approach to build a best-in-class mobile app

Mobile apps are software programs you can download and access directly using your phone or another mobile device – like a tablet or music player.Mobile software is designed to run on handheld computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), enterprise digital assistants … Read More

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Why you need a CRM Solution from Day 1 of your Business

INTRODUCTION Many startup as well as mid-scale businesses think that adopting a CRM tool at a later period is wise or cost effective, until there are a lot of customers for them or lot of revenues. While perusing with such … Read More

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Strategic Consideration before entering into E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce is one of the leading business trends, so now days for millions of vendors willing to get the maximum available online without investing prosperity. As online markets are constantly growing in their popularity, you can see more and more … Read More

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Role of social media in branding

INTRODUCTION Social media has made the world smaller. A potential customer can log onto a social site in a variety of countries, and your message on that site can lead people to your own website. The result is global awareness … Read More

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Beauty Care- Salon & Spa related business applications in India

There is a tectonic shift how businesses are running today with adoption of technologies everywhere, and that shift is now reaching the wellness and beauty industry. We’re seeing salons and spas ready to adopt cloud software and the benefits that … Read More

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Why Hyperlocal Platforms might struggle in India

Introduction Hyper local has been a buzz word in Indian Internet startups for more than a year now. We had first “Local” and a lot of companies striven cracking it, but all came out of it with a broken limb … Read More

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What is SEO

This article is for them who are novice to SEO, for a high level understanding on the topic. Hope this helps & makes a useful reading. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of tricks and techniques which used to … Read More

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Top 5 reasons for why E-commerce application fails

Introduction Buying and selling of product & services by businesses and consumers through an electronics medium (over internet) without using any paper document is known as E-Commerce. An E-Commerce strategy is like any business strategy – it requires research, planning … Read More

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Web Testing- Key Challenges

Introduction Web testing is the name given to software testing that focuses on web applications. Web-based application testing before the application is deployed to the market can help the company to determine the issues and it makes an application better before launched. Basically the company launches a … Read More

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Why and when you should consider automation testing for your web application

Introduction In today´s fast moving world, it is a challenge for any company to continuously maintain and improve the quality and efficiency of software systems development. In many software projects, testing is neglected because of time or cost constraints. This leads to … Read More

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Why your Medical TPA business needs Mobile Platform

Introduction Sooner or later the medical coder and biller will have to deal with a third-party administrator while filing a claim. A third-party administrator (TPA) is an entity hired to handle the administration of another company’s insurance plan. The TPA … Read More

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Building an online story or poem sharing platform? Consider these factors…….

Introduction Poetry writing is the most artistic and liberating form of creative writing. The writing world is abuzz with one word these days—and that word is “platform.” But many writers are left wondering: What is a platform? Why do I even … Read More

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Infographics and imagery- Critical to web designing

Introduction With the trend of using the internet to convey information to millions of people worldwide, it also becomes a challenge on how you can effectively communicate to the people with your contents. Making one’s content eye-catching and easy to understand is … Read More

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Hotel Management Software- Why keeping it simple makes sense

Introduction While information technology continues to advance at a pace that few can keep up with, luckily for hoteliers, hospitality technology isn’t far behind. Over the last decade, the hospitality sector has witnessed a large number of PMS, Channel Managers, … Read More

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Security Testing For Mobile Applications

Introduction Security Testing ensures, that system and applications in an organization, are free from any loopholes that may cause a big loss. Security testing of any system is about finding all possible loopholes and weaknesses of the system which might … Read More

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Digital marketing-get more eyes on your merchandise

Digital marketing is a sunshade term for the focused on, quantifiable, and intelligent showcasing of items or administrations utilizing advanced advances to reach and change over leads into customers. The key target is to advance brands, construct inclination and build … Read More

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Digital Marketing: Segmentation to Drive Growth

Segmentation is utilized by advertisers for an assortment of purposes, including item improvement, valuing, focusing on, informing and estimation. Segmentation is additionally a key stride toward taking care of shoppers’ requests for more important encounters. In the mean time, no … Read More

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zigy phermacy

How to build an online pharmacy business

In this internet age where users are in both smart phones and devices apart from PCs, every other business is getting online. And no wonder that now a days online drug stores have sprung up everywhere throughout the Internet. While … Read More

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Cross Platform vs Native Mobile App Development

Introduction: Mobile application improvement is rich in open doors for both portable engineers and end clients. However customers confront the issue of what gadget to target and what advancement system to use to make dependable, quick running and in the … Read More

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