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Top Skills For WebRTC Developers

Introduction to WebRTC:

Modern web applications often need modern solutions in order to satisfy the growing need of digital customers. Are you one of them who are looking for modern WebRTC developers? Do you know what skills are required to hire them? Do you have any idea in what way they perform their task? Here is why-

WebRTC is a real time communication platform which came into existence nearly 7-8 years ago. It provides audio visual platform to peers as well as business in order to have hassle free communication. It also facilitates instant file sharing among peers. A WebRTC Developer can take the help of APIs and protocols provided by WebRTC to facilitate file sharing without any additional plug-ins or servers.

It has two sets of APIs such as Web APIS and Native APIs. The Web APIs have codes written in JavaScript which can be used for web applications and can be executed on client browsers  where as the Native APIs contain codes that can be used in native apps such as iOS , Android, BlackBerry10, etc.

WebRTC Solutions is Powerful-

1. It helps securing your private data so that it can’t be spied or copied.
2. WebRTC can be used in many fields such as Hospitality, Educational. Financial, Real Estates, E-Commerce and Retail etc.
3. WebRTC also supports multiple platforms and devices.
4. It provides High Definition Voice and video platform.
5. Large files can be shared easily and quickly.

Classifications of VoIP Services:

VoIP services play a great role in WebRTC development. The VoIP protocols or voice over protocols are a set of technologies that allows people to engage in voice as well as video calls.

They are divided into four types by ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) such as-

1. Internet only – It enables the netizens to communicate among each other via voice calls. As it relies on Internet protocol rather than PSTN (Public Switched Telephonic Network), it can’t be used for making traditional calls to mobile phones or landlines.

2. Two-Way – It facilitates two-way communication between a user using VoIP service and a user connected to PSTN.

3. VoIP In - It facilitates a user connected to PSTN, having traditional landline or phone to make a call to another user using VoIP service.

4. VoIP Out- It allows a user connected to internet to connect with PSTN network to make a call to the traditional phone or landline.

Top Skills required for WebRTC Developers:

  • JavaScript

  • HTML

  • Freeswitch

  • Asterisk

  • Vicidial


The WebRTC Developers Are Divided Into-

The developers are divided into 4 basic categories depending upon their task. It will save time and will help in early completion of tasks. Such groups are,

1. Front- End Web: These developers are specialised in user facing aspects of coding layout as well as user interface with the help of JavaScript SDKs and API services.

2. Back-End Web: These developers are specialised in enabling the network infrastructure as well as underlying services. They deal with tools for .NET, Node.js, Python, C++, etc.

3. Telecom:< The developers are specialised in telecom protocols, network and services like IMS, 3GPP, SIP. They are VoIP media engineers who deal with software as well as hardware for developers.

4. Mobile App: The developers deal with leveraging web oriented development for native applications such as Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry10, etc.

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